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Each year that goes by the trains go up in price and it has become a very popular route. For this precise reason we have come up with a new route that will show you more on your journey and the most important aspect being that you will be able to save money!

Machu Picchu by car is a new alternative route created for all travellers looking for something different and economical.

Taking the bus via the Hidroelectrica route you will be able to see the famous snow-capped Veronica mountain at 4400 meters above sea level, in Abra Málaga, we will descend by taking the road to Quillabamba via ‘The convention’ by the jungle crest at about 1200 meters above sea level, passing local towns of Santa María, Santa Teresa located at 1800 meters above sea level where the Flora of the area receives you with its beautiful colours.

This alternative route shows the places where you can only arrive by car, so it’s time to organize your trip, we are with you.

Characteristics of our services

Type of service Service onboard Frequency of departures
Tourist service Wifi, Air conditioning With count with 2 cars departing daily

To whom do we recommend this journey?

For all the adventurous tourists, who love to spend time in nature and especially tourists with the soul of travelers and on a budget  but want to live great adventures. 

This Alternative route is not recommended for children under the age of 5, nor adults over 60 years, pregnant women. For people suffering from altitude sickness: take motion sickness pills to combat dizziness and altitude sickness.

Our mobilities

The cars have a capacity for 15, 19 and 20 passengers, the seats are comfortable and are reclinable. Itt has air conditioning, oxygen tank, first aid kit, music, reading light, GPS, Soat, Obligatory Insurance and our drivers have years of experience driving this route. 

Every 3 weeks within the month the vehicles are inspected as well as  and its daily review by the driver.

Licenses and permits

In Sakura Expedition we have all the permits and licenses required to be a reliable and accredited company in the city of Cusco – Peru.


Having fulfilled the requirements to obtain the operating license, according to the framework law of operating license Law No. 28976, the certificate was granted to the company Sakura Expedition.


The Sakura Expedition travel agency located on Calle Garcilaso 265 – 1 Cusco – Cusco – Cusco. It has met all the requirements in accordance with Supreme Decree No. 004-2016 MINCETUR, as a travel and tourism agency.


The executing body of the technical inspection of building safety, in compliance with the provisions of the D.S. N ° 058-2014-PCM, has approved the technical safety inspection in buildings.

Departure times and prices

Modern cars with 140 ° reclining seats, 3 rows, each passenger will carry travel bracelets, oxygen tank, first-aid kit, reading light, air conditioning, music, WiFi, 1 bottle of water, extinguisher, emergency exit, qualified drivers. During the trip the company will make 1 stop to be able to have breakfast on the way and on the return journey for lunch.

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Atención al cliente


Wifi onboard

We are the only transport company from Hidroelectrica – Cusco which counts with WiFi onboard all of our transportation units.

Control throughout the journey

The vehicles from Machu Picchu by Cars are monitored throughout the course of the journey, from the departure up to the time of arrival.

Comfortable seats

All our cars to Machu Picchu have comfortable seats for a better experience on your trip.

First-aid kit

We count with a first aid kit as the law states.

Air conditioning

On the route to Machu Picchu they go through different micro climates that is why we have our air conditioning implemented.


We have oxygen so that our clients feel confident that we can cover any inconvenience on the route.

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Contact our team of professionals able to answer your questions and provide you with very accurate information for your next adventure.